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2017-07-13 / Front Page

Residents begin vote on exterior design of activity center

¦ Early preference shown for gabled look

The process to determine the exterior design for the community activity center at Brush Mountain Park is under way after residents were filled in and voted on the three options.

Councilman Michael Sherry led the town’s presentation on the exterior options — gabled, contemporary and prairie — at the start of the July 5 Town Board meeting. The three options appeared the same way on the ballot.

The presentation included the three designs from three different angles. As previously reported in The Bee, the gabled look is similar to the newer homes and plazas in Orchard Park; the contemporary design would have a modern look featuring a variety of gables and slants; and the prairie style would be Frank Lloyd Wright-esque and feature a flat look.

Twenty-three residents voted for gabled, while three each voted for contemporary and prairie, according to Sherry.

“We wanted to once again be able to present this to the community and get feedback,” Sherry said. “It’s called the community activity center for a reason. It’s the community’s, not the Town Board’s.”

The prairie choice was met with some immediate groans from some residents in the audience.

“Flat roofs in Western New York are a disaster,” said resident Christine Weyer.

Weyer added that the method would cost the town money down the line for repairs due to damage from weather.

Sherry said the architectural firm, Wendel Duchscherer Architects and Engineers, is well aware of the concerns.

Weyer asked if some of the feedback from the architects could be placed on the website before the voting commences.

The three choices, which will all cost the same according to Sherry, will remain on the town’s website for the next two weeks for residents to cast their vote.

Sherry understands that the poll is not binding, but he believes it will define a clear direction for the town.

“It certainly is going to be a voice that reflects back to the Town Board how the community feels about the various designs.”

The presentation also included an estimated timeline for work going forward.

For the remainder of the year, the town and the firm will continue to work on construction designs. The town is expected to break ground on the project during the latter part of next spring, with the center to be completed during the summer of 2019.

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