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2017-07-13 / Editorial

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Orchard Park Editor

CAST YOUR VOTE — The Orchard Park Town Board is once again seeking the help of the community in making a decision on the community activity center.

After a meeting on the three exterior design options for the center — gabled, contemporary and prairie — residents now have the opportunity to vote for which option they prefer.

The poll is currently available on the town’s website, www.orchardparkny.org.

Everyone should take part and cast a vote for the choice they like. This allows residents to be part of the process and have a say in how the center will look for many years to come.

The poll will remain on the town’s website for the next two weeks.

ALMOST FINISHED— During Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting Matthew McGarrity revealed that construction on the Orchard Park Middle School pool is almost complete.

The pool was reconstructed as part of the 2014 $24.3 million capital project.

McGarrity said the water is in the pool and the only work remaining is some tiling around the external doors and bleachers to be finished.

He added that the work is about 95 percent complete and that the pool is on track to be open for the first day of school.

LOOKING FOR ANTIQUES — The West Seneca Historical Society and Museum is holding an antiques and collectibles appraisal day from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 6, at the museum, 919 Mill Road. Two experts will be on hand to perform appraisals.

Refreshments will be served, and the museum will be open for tours. A $2 donation for each item appraised is requested. There is a three-item limit per person. For more information, call 674-4283.

WEEKLY POLL — We’re always looking for feedback, and one of the ways we go about acquiring it is by posting a new poll each week.

Often the questions come from a pressing issue that may have been discussed at one of the various meetings we attend. Other times, it might be the result of a hot topic covered in a story. It all depends on the week.

Most of the questions are fairly serious, though we may run a comical one from time to time. They always relate to a story appearing in that week’s edition.

The poll is located on the adjacent page, and it gives directions on where to answer the question on our website at www.orchardparkbee.com. The overall response varies, with some weeks better than others. It’s our responsibility to ask a good question that engages readers and makes them want to take the poll.

If you ever have a poll question idea, please feel free to send me an e-mail at cgraham@beenews.com.

CLASS REUNIONS — Did you know that Bee Group Newspapers publishes announcements of class reunions at no charge? These popular notices are found in our Classified section, which is part of our local editions each week. To place a reunion notice, contact Classified Advertising Manager Holly Schiferle at holly@beenews.com or 204-4926.

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